фата Морганы
Their promises they'd kept.
Ну что, здравствуй, новый виток внепланового горения по Baldur's Gate, ты очень невовремя :facepalm:

Here you are, you’ve finally come...
You’re mine, at last! I’ve waited so long.
Listen well, this is why you are here:
I need you to find my sons.
Journey wide - they’re spread across the land…
They will hide, they know what I plan.
My sons were born for one purpose only:
Their blood is my elixir of life!

Return them alive, I’ll kill them myself!
I’ll open their throats and drink from their skulls!
The ritual is very precise,
Bring them to me before the planets align.
The altars wait in silence, an effigy.
Soon their purpose divined,
Blood will run as rivers upon them!
The time has come to Cleanse the bloodlines, free me from the clutch of Death incarnate...

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