фата Морганы
Their promises they'd kept.
В тему игр принесли кусочек текста из Fallen London:

Connected: The Masters of the Bazaar has increased to 10 - There may be drunken one-night stands!

You awake with an absinthe headache the size of the room your in, a massive dark, damp affair. Your displeasure is audible as you toss onto your side, your back feeling like it has been scratched like the Duchess's veterinarian. As you manage to open your eyes, you see two glowing unblinking orbs staring back at you.

"Last evening was simply magnifcous. Breakfast?"

You manage to make your excuses as you try to sneak home, trying to avoid the prying eyes of the press and bats. As you sneak into your house and into your bath to wash away the queasy feeling, you see a note on your counter. It tells you that Mr. Wines is hosting another party tonight, and Mr. Irons expects to see you there. It appears a score of Special Constables is going to escort you.

Oh dear. OH DEAR.

Wounds is Increasing
Nightmares is Increasing
Scandal is Increasing
Suspicion is Increasing

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